Your Child Is More Likely To Suffer From Gum Disease Than A Cold!


The IDA, Indian Dental Association surveyed over 400,000 children across the country in 2013 and found that

  • 70% of children under the age of 15 suffer from gum problems.
  • 92% students were found to be suffering from some form dental decay.
  • 40% are suffering from a faulty jaw line.

The stats are scary. But over 70% of the dental problems that develop arise because of their consumption of junk food, soft drinks and a lack of good brushing habits. In essence by eating better and with proper propagation of how to improve dental health this exceedingly high percentage can be slashed in half.

Good brushing habits with an electric toothbrush and a fluoridated toothpaste are strong counter measures & can reduce the probability of gum disease by as much as 87% Crooked teeth can cause and aggravate gum disease and also increase cavities that result in major health problems later in life.

Another reason attributed to this large percentage of teenagers with gum disease is a rise in the number of them being addicted to smoking and tobacco at an early age.

Why treating Dental infections is a must

    1. If a Child develops an infection at an early age, the infection in the tooth may spread to the bones.
    2. Gum disease linked with 6X memory decline in Alzheimer’s
      -> Source: Daily Mail, 10th March 2016
    3. Long-term marijuana use is linked to gum disease. (Remember this when you share ”the marijuana never killed any one” post on Facebook)
    4. Gum disease can increase breast cancer risk
  • More from the Study by the University of Buffalo
    “73,737 postmenopausal women enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study, none of whom had previous breast cancer. Periodontal disease was reported in 26.1 percent of the women. After a mean follow-up time of 6.7 years, 2,124 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. The researchers found that among all women, the risk of breast cancer was 14 percent higher in women who had periodontal disease/ Gum disease.
    Source: Times Of India 21st December 2015

As a member of the Indian Dental Association & a core member of the head office team, we are regularly working with student via school contact programs to bridge this education gap. Also, the association at large regularly participates in anti-smoking and anti-tobacco drives.

The International Center for Dental Care(ICDC) lead by Dr Mukul Dabholkar was the first to be selected 4 years ago by the Indian Dental Association to propagate this in schools. We have created an informal pledge for patients, especially children. If they stick to their pledge, discounts on treatments follow. This creates a sense of achievement for the teenagers and lessens the burden on parents.

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