Why Regular Visit to Dental Clinic Is Important

Visiting a dental clinic regularly eliminates the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Good teeth require care and in today’s fast-paced life we don’t get enough time for our oral health and well being. A regular visit to the dentist improves your oral health but also makes you more aware. It alleviates the anxiety that patients often feel before visiting a dentist. Our Dental clinic in Mumbai is full of modern equipment and technologies to make you fearless of any kind of pain or apprehension during the dental procedure; a story we have all heard from our elders during our childhood. Today you can get a painless needle-free anasthesia.

How often should you go?

You should visit the dentist once in 6 months that is when if everything is apparently fine. If you feel any pain, then pay a visit as soon as you can to keep the pain and further deterioration and complications in check. People with greater risk of gum diseases or with cardiac disease or in pregnancy should make more than 2 visits in a year.

What Care Need To Be Taken

You need to maintain good care of your teeth between each dental check-up. You should brush and floss your teeth regularly and clean the plaque by floss. Plaque is the sticky layer of bacteria food debris, and other substances which sticks on the surface of teeth; poor hygiene and tooth brushing leads to extensive plaque and calculus buildup which can also lead to tooth decay and gum disease if it remains untreated. You should use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Dentists often recommend a mouthwash to enhance plaque control and keep the mouth fresh and reduce the bacterial flora which is harmful.

What Happens When You Visit A Dental Clinic

If you have not visited a dental clinic in Mumbai, then you may want to know what happens on a normal dental visit. We can make the dental visit in two parts one is examination or check-up, and the other is the cleaning and other dental procedures as per the condition of gums and teeth and recommendation by the dentist. The dentist will examine teeth and gums and will eliminate the possibility of any serious diseases by checking them properly with or without X-Rays. If there is tartar the dentist will clean your teeth. If you have any gum disease, you will additionally be prescribed some medicines or any specially prepared toothpaste and if necessary. Sometimes the dentist asks for an X-ray of all the teeth and usually, we at International Centre for Dental Care give a few written options for the dental treatment and a method to phase them; so over the next few years so you can rectify your mouth and teeth completely. Very often we are able to predict the condition of your teeth and smile twenty years later and inform advise and give of the best possible options for teeth that are under threat of decay or anything else.

How To Choose The Perfect Dentist?

Dentists are qualified to treat any kind of teeth and gum problems. It is safe to say any dentist could be a good dentist for you, but a well experienced or a family dentist should always be chosen as the topmost priority. A family dentist can treat you better as knowing the oral health of your family members will help the dentist suggest the best possible treatment. However, the best dentists are those who have the best reviews. Trust the reviews sent out by patients and then you can make up your mind. We would be glad to share contact details of numerous patients who have undergone treatment similar to what you require and you are free to contact any or all of them. Regular visits to the dental clinic will allow you to live a healthy life with a long-lasting confident smile. So if you have not visited a dentist for a while now, get yourself checked.

Also besides doing advanced cosmetic dentistry and implants from 1994, I am one of the four dentists in India who have a double laser-guided machine to help us place complicated implants very, accurately in fact more accurately than most dentists specialising in implants.

We have an EMI facility up to Rupees Four Lakhs repayable in eight months with only three EMI’s payable upfront.