Toothaches and Dental Emergencies

Simple toothaches or Dental Emergencies may prove to be troublesome especially if you are not sure how to go about it. Some of them may be potentially serious such as an injury to the tooth or gums and should not be ignored. Listed below are a few dental emergencies that you may encounter and the feasible solutions for the same.

Toothaches / Teeth Pain : Toothaches caused by food particles lodged between teeth can be reduced by rinsing with warm water, brushing and flossing. Make sure that you don’t put aspirin between teeth or gums as it may do more harm than good. Cold compress applied to the cheek may also help in case of swollen gums. An over the counter painkiller may also help reduce the discomfort. Call upon your dentist as soon as possible.

Chipped / Broken Teeth: Rinse with cold water to remove any broken pieces. Save the pieces if any. Apply cold compress to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Press gauze to the area in case of bleeding. Visit your dentist immediately.

Knocked out tooth: Locate the tooth and clean it with water by holding on to the crown(the part that is visible in the mouth). Do not scrub or remove any tissue segments attached. If possible try to place it back in its original socket. However, care should be taken that you don’t force it inside and make sure you place it in the right direction. If that’s not possible, put it in milk or a cup of water with a pinch of salt in it. See the doctor immediately because the chances of saving your teeth are higher when returned to the socket within an hour.

Objects lodged between teeth: You can floss the teeth but if it does not help please visit the dentist for help. Never use a pin or sharp object to poke it out as it may scratch or cut the gum surface.

Fractured or broken jaw: Do not move the jaw. Visit your nearest emergency room at the earliest.

Soft tissue injuries: Injury to the cheeks, lips, gums, tongue etc can cause bleeding. Rinsing with water to which a pinch of salt has been added may help reduce bleeding. Alternatively you can use a piece of gauze to apply pressure on that area for 1-20 minutes. This may reduce bleeding. Cold compress applied to the outside of the mouth or cheek helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain.