Tooth Jewellery is much in demand these days as people are becoming more conscious of their smile and appearance. It is a fashion statement that makes you stand alone in the crowd. Be it a crystal sparkle or a gold tinkle or a blue aquamarine diamond or a shining ruby, these tooth accessories add a zing to your smile.
Tooth jewellery application is a simple process that takes approximately fifteen minutes. It is safe, painless and temporary procedure that does not require any drilling.


They are crystals mounted on aluminium foil to render an attractive sparkle in different colours. Skyce is available in two different colours and sizes- crystal and sapphire blue. Kryst has a collection of 12 colours and 3 different sizes. Twinkle is pure gold, diamond or precious stones in different shapes.


It is bonded onto the tooth surface just like orthodontic bracket. It does not require drilling thus causing no harm to the teeth and you can remove or replace it with a new one though it lasts for 10-15 years. They are very economical and easy to maintain and the sparkle does not go away, fade or change colour with brushing. So don’t wait any more. Fix an appointment with our dentist to add that sparkle to your smile that won’t hurt your pockets.

If you have any queries left don’t forget to ask to doctor or make an appointment with him.