Tooth Color Filling in Mumbai

More and more people nowadays are enquiring about tooth color fillings instead of the silver amalgam fillings for their teeth. International Centre for Dental Care (ICDC), Bandra, was one of the earliest to be known as a reliable tooth color filling clinic in Mumbai. Tooth color fillings are restorative materials that are ‘blends’ or in other words – “composites” of plastic resins and silica fillers. Apart from strengthening the tooth structure, this blend also imparts some unique properties of a tooth, such as the natural translucency of tooth enamel and resistance to daily wear and tear.

The tooth color fillings are non allergic and bio compatible and can match to the degree that they are invisible. After the filling, one can eat immediately as it gets hardened immediately. We have been doing this since the last 25 years and these treatments demand a trained hand as they are very technique sensitive unlike silver amalgam.

Silver amalgam is banned in the European countries as they expand over the years and cause teeth to crack and allow Mercury to leach into the system. In addition, due to metal fillings in the mouth, few people get galvanic currents which could cause allergies and skin problems. Hence, very often, when a patient has a skin problem and if he/she is not responding to treatment, we tell them to change the silver filling.

We introduced tooth color fillings in our clinic decades ago for the reason that they are very conservative in their application as they preserve a lot more of your tooth’s original structure. The more the amount of natural tooth structure we preserve, the greater would be its resistance to fracture. So it’s not that these tooth color fillings are meant only for your front teeth, their physical properties make them a great choice even for your back teeth (molars).

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