• Dr. Mukul’s practice was clean, modern, and professional–and a great value for the money. The service I received was excellent and the quality of the care was beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Mukul’s clinic to anyone looking for dentistry in Bandra.

    Daniel Kronovet
    UC Berkeley '12 - Cognitive Science + Political Economy
  • Better late than never,

    In December of 2012 I left the UK for a 3day wedding event in Delhi with a minor toothache.

    Took some painkillers with me on the trip, planning to go see my dentist on my return.

    The pain got progressively worse throughout the flight and had to go to the arrivals hospital at Delhi airport for some stronger painkillers to see me thru the wedding.

    The pain continued to get worse over the next few days and as we flew to Bombay from there 3 days later I asked a family friend to recommend a good dentist in Bombay who I could see immediately after arriving.

    I took a cab straight to Dr. Mukul Dabholkar and was in agony by then, so arrived in his office in tears.

    Dr Mukul took me in straight away and after taking X-rays and examining my teeth, announced that I had a huge abscess in my left upper jaw.

    He also said I needed a specialist to treat it as it was caused by an inferior root canal which had been done 10 years prior.

    He prescribed me the strongest painkillers and antibiotics possible, made me a reservation with a root canal specialist the next day ( Dr. Sunil Gohil ) and sent me home.

    It was one of the worst nights of my life.

    In agony, I didn’t sleep all night and after ringing Dr. Mukul late evening to check if I cud take extra painkillers I managed to get thru the night till my appointment next day.

    Dr. Mukul had actually tried to ring me all morning to bring me in earlier, but in my pain, I had given him the wrong phone number.

    By the time I got to Dr. Gohil’s office, the pain was getting unbearable and when I saw the queue when walking in, I burst into tears not thinking I could bear it any longer.

    They thankfully took me in straight away as well and it turned out too big one of the biggest abscesses he had ever seen.
    The relief after draining the abscess was indescribable.

    This dentist was amazing and considering the tiny little office he worked in, did a miracle job.

    I went back to see Dr. Mukul the next day with a bruised black and blue cheek, but without pain and he took care of the rest from then on.

    Needless to see I needed a cap for that tooth and the one next to it, but the wound needed to heal so he sent me off with the gap dressed.

    I came back to the UK and had no problems with the tooth.
    I returned to see Dr. Mukul in January to finalize the fitting of the caps, which look incredible and are of the highest quality!

    The dental care I got from Dr. Mukul rivals any of the ones I ‘ve had in the US and definitely in the UK!

    My American dental insurance took care of most of it, so I have nothing but praise for the skills and care of everyone in Dr. Mukul’s office, likewise for Dr. Gohil!

    I would use them again in a heartbeat!

    An Deblaere