Smile Design & Makeover

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If you are one among those who are reluctant to flash a smile because of your unpleasant teeth then there is some good news for you. Gone are the days when you had to settle with crooked, chipped or stained teeth. At, Dr. Mukul Dhabolka Dental Clinic, our smile designing team can help you realize the smile of your dreams. Smile Designing or Smile Makeover is the process of improving the aesthetic value of your smile through one or more cosmetic procedures such as whitening, veneers, implants, composite bonding etc.

What do we do?

There are several procedures and techniques available that can improve your smile. Based on individual needs our team of dentists designs a treatment plan exclusively for you, such that no two smile designs are the same. To develop an ideal smile we take into consideration the colour, width, length, shape of your teeth, your skin colour, hair colour, facial appearance, lips etc. Some of the techniques used to create a perfect smile are listed below.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening or bleaching can help remove stains of coffee, tobacco, red wine etc from your teeth and lighten teeth that have darkened with age or are yellow in colour. This can have a dramatic impact on your appearance and is also important before applying veneers to match the colour of your veneers to the new teeth rather than the old one.


Crooked, Overlapping, misaligned teeth or teeth with gaps can be straightened and aligned using Invisalign or orthodontic treatment.


Tooth that is chipped, cracked or broken can be rectified with porcelain veneers. They are a shell-like structure that is applied to the front surface of the tooth to mask minor cosmetic flaws. They can also be used to correct small gaps between teeth and correct mild malocclusions and provide unparallel results.

Crowns and Bridges

Severe tooth decay can be rectified using crowns. Crowns or ‘caps’ as they are commonly referred are used to encapsulate a decayed or damaged tooth to prevent further damage that might otherwise lead to tooth loss. The affected tooth is prepared by removing any decay and cleaning it. A crown is then placed above it. Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. A false tooth that replaces the missing teeth is sandwiched between two crowns placed on either side of the missing teeth.

Gum Lifting and Recontouring

If too much of gum is visible while you smile it gives you an unpleasant appearance and smile. Gum lifting or reshaping helps to remove the excess gum tissue with a laser beam with minimal discomfort rendering a natural-looking smile.


A simple, pain-free and cost-effective method used to rectify chipped, broken, discolored teeth or teeth with noticeable fillings or teeth with gaps and restore your smile

The treatments discussed above are commonly employed by our dentists but it is not limited to just these procedures. We try to employ all possible options to provide you with a picture-perfect smile. Patients with severely impaired oral hygiene can also benefit from our smile makeover program that will last a lifetime. Dr Mukul Dabholkar Offers the best dental solutions in.