Presentation at Sion Hospital (24th February 2019)

Teeth Whitening services in Mumbai

I felt good making a presentation to dentists mainly from 0 to 5 years in practice range at Sion Hospital Mumbai on Sunday 24th February 2019. There are 35,000 dentists graduating every year compared to 1,000 dentists yearly in 1981. Competition is growing and inflation is ruling us. Inflation is the silent tax.

Unfortunately the concentration of dentists in the mega cities and urban areas continues where as there is enough scope in the rural areas. Most professionals in any field should use the services of certified financial consultant to ensure an exponential growth parallel to their practices to protect themselves and their dear ones to ensure a secure future.

Earnings may be likened to a bucket with holes, as you earn more the bucket gets bigger with more holes and you are saddled with purchases done on whims and not sound instruments which can ensure you this security. We are blinded by our ego that real estate is the best investment and gold is also very good. Basically long term systematic saving habits can be more lucrative than your earnings because of the compounding effect.

Your job is only to keep you busy and fit and prevent you from getting into addictions.

The presentation was so well received that few members in the audience took a commitment from me that I conduct a workshop which I have been doing for years.

At International Centre for Dental Care (ICDC); dentistry for me is a hobby and the passive income I have permits me to pursue this keeping charity and helping others as a priority.