Porcelain Laminates

Porcelain Laminates also known as porcelain veneers are wafer thin shells made of porcelain that are attached to the front side of teeth to rectify discoloured, misaligned, chipped, broken teeth or teeth with gaps. Porcelain is inherently brittle and when it has the support of a tooth which is sturdy it provides great strength and durability.


Porcelain Laminates are very successful in most cases and has the following advantages:
Natural Looking: They can mimic the way light is reflected by natural tooth and as such has a very natural tooth like appearance.
Stain Resistant: Because of their impervious glass like structure they do not get stained when compared to composite laminates or others.

Ideal Candidate for Porcelain Laminates

Porcelain Veneers can be used to improve the overall appearance of the teeth. It is used to

  • Repair minor imperfections of teeth such as pits, small chips, developmental abnormalities like pegged lateral incisors etc.
  • Conceal stained fillings that are more durable
  • Lighten the colour of teeth.
  • Close spaces between teeth to give an even appearance to the smile.

When Porcelain Laminates should not be used?
Porcelain Veneers should not be used if

  • The teeth are very weak due to decay or fracture, have worn out or have large fillings.
  • The teeth have very little enamel because the porcelain veneer won’t stay in place unless it is bonded to the enamel.
  • You clench or grind your teeth or excessive forces are involved while biting.

Before you plan to go in for porcelain laminates talk to our dentist to know if they are the right option for you.