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Deciduous teeth also known as ‘Milk Teeth’ are important. Injuries may not be accidental but may happen due to the ignorance of the parents.

Deciduous teeth start being seen in the mouth from 6 months till 13 years. There is in total 20 deciduous teeth, 5in each quadrant of the mouth which is divided into four quadrants.

The lack of knowledge results in the infant having numerous cavities called ‘Rampant’caries usually due to a milk bottle syndrome.

It is a known fact that the infant puts the mother to sleep instead of the opposite. Usually the mother is so exhausted with everything .The infant drinks milk sometimes with sugar added to it and throws away the bottle when full or sleepy.This milk coats the teeth and causes the condition known as ‘Milk Bottle Syndrome’ resulting in ‘Rampant Caries’.

A simple solution is to replace the milk bottle with plain water. The water has no taste and is not sweetened and the infant spits out the bottle but that one gulp of water is adequate to wash the surface of the teeth partially which have a layer of milk.

In this away the rampant caries condition can be avoided.

The next blog will cover How to prevent accidental injuries to front teeth.