Depigmentation of Gums

Gum Depigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of the black spots on gums or removing the black gums to reveal pink gum tissue. Normal gum tissue or gingival as it is known is pink in colour. The pigmentation could be due to excessive melanin deposits (which in most case is genetic) or due to prolonged use of certain medications. Gum Depigmentation is mostly done for aesthetic reasons to provide a better looking smile.
In order to de-pigment the gums, the dentist analyses the condition of the patient and depending on the extent of pigmentation and patient needs chooses the treatment procedure. The treatment procedure may involve surgical, chemical or laser ablation techniques.

Ideal Candidate for Gum Depigmentation

Any candidate with healthy gums can undergo the treatment. It is NOT advisable for patients with the following conditions

  • Oral disease.
  • Periodontal disease that causes dark gums.
  • Patients taking blood thinning medications.
  • Patients with prominent tooth root or thin gum tissue.


The laser process involves removal of the top thin layer of dark gum by vaporizing it thus destroying the melanin cells. New tissue is generated during healing and is usually pink in colour. The healing time is very short. The process is performed under a local anesthesia and causes minimal discomfort. The entire procedure takes only 25-45 minutes but is largely dependent on the size and colour of the patch.

Recovery and Aftercare

The healing process is very fast and is associated with no complications. In people with sensitive gums, some discomfort may be experienced for a few days.
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