Best ways to prevent gum diseases


According to recent statistics, 95% of the population in India suffer from some form of gum disease. While most Indians are unaware of this staggering figure, not much is done to solve this issue as well!

Gum diseases are a direct result of poor dental hygiene and happen due to the inflammation of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth.

Our mouths are filled with bacteria. These bacteria constantly form a sticky and colourless “plaque” on teeth. Even though brushing and flossing helps to get rid of plaque to an extent, there is a part of that plaque that is left back. This ends up hardening and forming “tartar” that does not get cleaned with brushing. Professional dental cleaning is required to remove the tartar.

Gum problems are a very common condition and vary widely in severity. There are two types of gum diseases – gingivitis and periodontal! Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums around the teeth, and periodontal disease is exceeding of the problem from the gums to the bone and happens when gingivitis is left untreated for long. This eventually leads to the loss of bone tissue and then finally the loss of the tooth itself. There is also a possibility that a person may be affected by both.

Some of its most common symptoms include Red or swollen gums, Bad breath, Painful chewing, Tender or bleeding gums, Sensitive teeth, thinning of gums or longer appearing teeth.

These symptoms are mainly caused due to certain risk factors that include: Smoking, Chewing tobacco, Improper teeth (crooked, rotated, or overlapping), Infrequent or no dental care, Alcohol, Poor nutrition, Poor saliva production, Medications, Diabetes, Cancer and cancer treatment, and so on…

That said – here’s a list of preventive measures to help you control or avoid gum diseases: –

  1. Brush right, Brush at the gum-line, and Brush twice. Also make sure to brush your teeth after meals. It helps to clean the food debris and plaque trapped between your teeth and gums
  2. Don’t forget to clean your tongue as well, as there is a lot of bacteria hidden there too
  3. Regular flossing helps to keep your teeth clean from food debris and plaque
  4. Using a mouthwash to gargle helps to reduce plaque remaining food particles that brushing and flossing miss
  5. Eat at least one raw vegetable daily
  6. Disconnect yourself from all your vices like smoking, chewing tobacco or drinking alcohol
  7. And lastly, do not forget to visit your dentist routinely for a check-up, comprehensive evaluation of your denture (that covers your teeth, plaque level, gums, bite, bone structure and other risk factors), and professional cleaning.

Your mouth is where all the bodily problems start from. So take care of it wisely!

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