10 Tips to Help Your Child Visit the Best Dentist In Mumbai

Many children are frightened at the idea of visiting a dentist. It is normal to feel a little apprehensive, and many adults also feel similarly before the visit. 

An appointment with the best dentist in Mumbai is a great place to start, and the child should have a positive reminder of the same. There are a few things that parents can do to ensure that the child is not mortally afraid to visit a dentist.

Start young

It is imperative to start at an early age not just to ensure healthy oral hygiene, but also to make it a habit that they should not break at a later stage. A child-friendly dentist before the age of one is the best time to begin regular visits to the dentist.

Meeting employees

It helps to take the child for a visit before the appointment date to familiarize them with their surroundings so that on the day of the appointment, they do not have as much trouble. Greeting the employees and knowing their faces can comfort the child when he or she is distraught.

Positive attitude

It is crucial to keep things light and positive while speaking about the dentist’s appointment to the child even if the parent hates it. No negative aspects should be discussed as it can cause the child anxiety when the time comes to visit the dentist.

Positive reinforcements

Negative terms such as “pain”, “shot” and “hurt” should be well avoided around the child as the child can perceive the danger to be far greater than it is.


Many parents choose to pretend to play with the child the role of a dentist to do away with the fear of visiting one. It is prudent to do so with the child to ensure a comfortable and relaxed visit with the child. 

Dentists direct the appointment

Allow the dentist to direct the appointment as they have been through it many times with many different children and probably know a few tricks to help them relax. 

Familiar items without bribes

It is imperative to carry a toy or blanket that comforts the child during the appointment. It is crucial to not bribe the child for good behavior or scold for the wrong reaction. The dentist should be allowed to handle it their way. Rewards should be reserved until after the appointment.

Same dentist every time

Choosing the same dentist is crucial to be able to build rapport with the child and make them feel comfortable with the same person.

Maintaining good oral hygiene

It is imperative to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly and with frequent visits to the dentist for checkups. 

Oral hygiene and maintenance should be approached as a fun subject and not something to be afraid of easy and relaxed appointments in the early years for the child.