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Get the Best Tooth Jewellery for a Sparkling Smile

jewel01A brilliant way to add a sparkle to your smile and stand out in the crowd is teeth jewellery. A new craze is sweeping across the world, to be really glamorous, unique, and fashionable, decorate your teeth with top-quality tooth jewellery.

A dentist can fix a jewel on the tooth surface. It is a temporary, painless procedure and does not involve any invasive treatment on the tooth. The jewel does not damage the tissues of the tooth and it has no side effects, except for the increased charm of your smile! This is the new oral fashion statement.

Oral tooth jewellery is a new trend in Indian cosmetic dentistry for all those who want a dazzling smile. It makes one stand out among the ordinary people, it is also an effort to mingle with the bold and the beautiful and shine like a star.

jewel02Today the trend of fixing sparkles to teeth is slowly catching up with cosmetologists offering the service.  Whether it is a wedding ceremony or a birthday party, you can just walk into the clinic of a cosmetologist or a specialized dentist to get that swanky smile. Many dental clinics in India offer advanced cosmetic dentistry services, which includes cleaning teeth and fixing of tooth jewellery.

Tooth jewellery can be fixed without the involvement of any equipment and there is no chance of getting the teeth damaged with the new techniques. The procedure takes less than five minutes. Sparkles that match the colour of one’s dress can be fixed on the tooth using an adhesive or tooth cement. It stays for more than a week but if you want you can remove it the very next day after the party.

A variety of tooth jewellery, including crystals of different colours and designs, are available in the market. Today, brides get tooth gems of colours that match the colours of their dress fixed on their teeth for that matching smile.

  • Tooth gems, available in different colors, are crystal glass mounted on a thin foil of aluminum to create the attractive spark.
  • Crystals are the least expensive version of tooth jewelry and are preferably short term attachments.
  • Twinkles are made of pure gold and precious stones like diamonds, sapphires and rubies. These are available in different shapes like diamond, star, triangle, heart shape etc.

jewel03Bonding of tooth jewellery:

  • The tooth is first cleaned with a fluoride-free polishing paste, dried and isolated.
  • To increase the surface area for bonding it is etched for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • The surface is thoroughly rinsed with water and blow dried.
  • A light-curing bonding agent is applied and left on for a maximum of 20 seconds.
  • The tooth is lightly-cured and a small amount of flow composite is applied to its surface.
  • Using a jewel handler the jewel is pressed into the center of the composite.
  • With the light-curing lamp the composite is cured from all sides.

The tooth jewel can be removed in the same way as an orthodontic bracket, without harming the enamel. To remove any remaining bonding material the tooth has to be polished.

Now, tooth jewellery adds sparkle to your smile. It is user friendly as it does not harm the tooth and is easily removable. It adds more charisma and sparkle to your smile. So, go ahead and get that Sparkling Smile!