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Periodontal Treatment – A Necessity to Stop Gum Disease

perio01Gum disease is usually caused by poor oral hygiene, but studies have shown that people who have a family history of periodontal problems are more likely to develop gum disease in their life. The first signs of gum disease, or periodontal disease are swollen, inflamed or bleeding gums.

Periodontal disease can have serious consequences if it is ignored and not treated by dentists for a long time. It can even cause serious health problems later on. Bad breath is one of the warning signs of gum disease. Gum disease and tooth decay are usually avoidable with regular attention and some self-discipline.

The two main types of gum disease are gingivitis and periodontal. Gingivitis is known as the milder form of periodontal disease as it causes mild symptoms such as slight gum bleeding and swelling. Poor dental hygiene is the main cause of this though genetics and basic medical conditions can also cause it. With a proper treatment from the dentist in Mumbai like Dr. Mukul, it can be cured.

If gingivitis is left untreated it can lead to periodontal disease. As it grows, it causes inflammation of the gums, in due course the tissue and bone which support them are destroyed and the teeth fall out.

perio02To prevent gum disease:

  • Eat a healthy diet, a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Avoid  too many fizzy, sugary drinks
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins E and C
  • Reduce stress
  • Stop smoking
  • Maintain oral hygiene
  • Schedule regular checkups with your dentist

Depending on how much the disease has progressed, there are many different periodontal treatments provided by dentists in India as given below.

Non-surgical treatments include;

  • Professional cleaning to remove excess plaque build-up before it develops into periodontitis.
  • Gum scaling and root planing – in this plaque and tartar are scraped away and planned to make the area smooth and plaque-free. The hard plaque from below the gum line on the teeth is removed by scraping with a metal object or electronic instrument.

perio03Surgical treatments include;

  • Pocket Reduction Surgery – tissue of the gums is folded back and the bacteria produced in the “pocket” as a result of gum disease, are cleaned away. To help the gum tissue to reattach itself to the bone the surfaces of the damaged bone is also smoothed.
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration – this helps the bone and the tissue to grow around a tooth that is in danger of falling out. The soft tissue is pulled away, the tooth is cleaned and the infected tissue is removed.
  • Bone Grafts – this is similar to guided tissue regeneration. Here in order to encourage re-growth after the tooth has been cleaned and pulled away from the soft tissue the bone is filled in with graft material.
  • Gum Surgery – In this a soft tissue is taken from one area and it is attached to the area affected by gum recession. Generally rooting and planning is done before the actual grafting.

Periodontal disease not only makes you unpleasant, but the bacteria in the mouth can travel through the body, and cause heart disease and stroke, it can also make diabetes worse. So, follow good oral hygiene and prevent any form of gum disease through periodontal treatments in India offered by best Dental clinic of Dr. Mukul in Mumbai, India.

Tips to Find the Best Dentist in Mumbai

images1A perfect smile helps to reveal the personality of a person and it also shows the signs of healthy living. A beautiful smile touches the hearts of million people, it expresses more feelings than thousand words spoken. It is not very difficult to acquire that stunning smile on your face. Pay regular visits to the clinic of a good dentist, it will help you to retain that dazzling smile all through your life.

Dental treatment in India is one of the most important medical fields. Now more and more people are getting conscious about their smile, face and teeth. Dental treatment in Mumbai is very competitive. You get high quality service, immediate attention, luxury treatment centres and at pretty low cost. The doctor’s experience, his credentials and training are very important. The more recent the credentials, the more up-to-date the dentist will be on knowledge of materials and procedures.

For your dental treatment find an experienced and renowned dentist nearby, who can offer right dental treatment which is cost effective also. There are several certified dentists in Mumbai who provide superior dental treatment facilities at affordable amount of fees. They use latest technology, digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure, special lights and lasers to detect cavities at very early stages. This is the main reason why people from different parts of the world come to Mumbai for high quality dental treatment.

2Before selecting a dentist you need to ask yourself some questions like

  • Is your choice based on the fee amount?
  • Is it based on location of the clinic?
  • Are you looking for something specific, like in cosmetic treatment?

Investigate and research to find the best dentist:

  • Don’t choose a doctor because he is a member of a medical group, experience is more important.
  • For cosmetic procedures, look at the before and after photographs of the dentist’s own work, especially with cases similar to yours.
  • Talk to your friends and colleagues about their experiences.
  • Meet and talk to a few dentists and their staff and find out if they are warm, caring and pleasant people.
  • Find out if the dentist has accomplished various continuing courses in education, recently.
  • Find a dentist who you like and who uses insurance money for your treatment.
  • Today dentistry has changed in leaps and bounds over the last decade or two. Make sure the dentist you choose is staying up to date with technology, he should know how to use minimally invasive techniques to give your smile a makeover.
  • Go for a consultation, listen to the style of the dentist, pay attention to how well he listens, does he offer more than one option to solve your problem?

imagesThere may not be one best dentist for every person, there are certain qualities that may make one cosmetic dentist in Mumbai better for you than another. The best dentists typically strive to deliver the highest quality they can. Dentists are now using superior surgical instruments and equipments and guarantee that people get world class treatment at most reasonable cost.

Thus, don’t base your decision on the price, speed, insurance etc. while selecting the best dentist in Mumbai. Do your homework well, only then select a doctor you find the best.