Dental Clinic In Mumbai

Dental Clinic In Mumbai Mumbai is one of the largest city in India, in Mumbai majority of the people belongs to middle class section. It would be very nice to find a dentist with well experience in Mumbai. Dr. Mukul Dabholkar, Located in Bandra Mumbai is a well experienced Cosmetic Dentist In Mumbai .International Center […]

Dental Restoration – Missing Teeth Replacement

MISSING TEETH REPLACEMENT IN MUMBAI Missing teeth can be affect the surrounding teeth. If it is not replaced with implants or dentures, the other teeth will slightly move around and it will occur misalignment. Missing teeth can be replaced with many methods like fixed bridge, complete or partial dentures, and dental implants are the best […]

Smile Like A Bollywood Star – For That You Might Require Smile Design

What is Smile Design?? A smile design can change the size, shape and color and alignment of the teeth and it extremely alters the dental and facial tissues in order to enhance one’s overall appearance. Smile design isthe process of changing the overall appearance of a person using various kinds of cosmetic dentistry. Composite bonding, […]

Benefits of using Lasers to Treat Gum Diseases

  Gum disease is a kind of infection that affect the tissues surrounded your teeth which helps for supporting. It is one of the important reason for teeth loss in adults. The thing is disease is not having much pain and we didnt recognize the problem. Once notice the issue one of the better solution […]

Diet and Oral Health

To prevent cavities and maintain good oral health, your diet — what you eat and how often you eat — are important factors. Changes in your mouth start the minute you eat certain foods. Bacteria in the mouth convert sugars and carbohydrates from the foods you eat to acids, and it’s the acids that begin […]

Smile Correction

They say smile is a curve that sets everything straight. As is the case with tall people, statistically, a smile too plays a vital role in influencing people’s perception about you. Everyone is entitled to have a beautiful smile so if someone is not happy with their existing smile; there are more than 15 ways […]

Periodontitis & Heart disease

What is Tartar? One of the best services, which are highly neglected in India, which any dentist could do is cleaning and removal of Tartar from the teeth. It’s very conveniently forgotten by the people and is often overlooked in terms of overall oral health. Removal of Tartar if done correctly does not damage the […]

Introduction to Aesthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry generally refers to any dental work that improves the appearance (not necessarily the function) of a person’s teeth, gums and/or bite. Aesthetic dentistry has made it possible for anyone to have a smile that is no less than that of a celebrity. A cosmetic dentist in Mumbai like Dr. Mukul […]

Cosmetic Dentistry – To Get a Glittering Smile to Your Face

Smile, the beautiful perfect smile, with sparkling white teeth, who doesn’t want it? We all dream of a smile that brightens our day, and of people around us. A perfect smile is complimented by shining white teeth. A smile speaks volumes about the overall state of a person’s health. White teeth look great and are […]